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Posted on March 7, 2018

You can have the best player.  I’ll take the best TEAM.

My family and I spent the weekend at THE BIG HOUSE watching the state tournament.  I enjoyed seeing old coaching friends as well as seeing my friends’ coaching their teams.  There is a special camaraderie among coaches. We all pull for each other unless we are competing against each other.  The above quote kept coming back to me throughout the weekend. As a coach, I am never wowed by the X’s and O’s of any of the teams in the tournament.  It is rare that I see a sweet set play that I haven’t seen before. It is even more rare that I see a novel way to defend the other team, but I am always impressed by the athletes themselves.  You see some tremendous players at THE BIG HOUSE, but the most impressive thing is the great TEAMWORK displayed by the best teams. It's why we play the game. It’s why we have athletics in our school.  Extracurricular activities give us the opportunity to learn that we can always achieve more together than we can on our own.

That gem was driven home during the Giving of the Greens concert on Sunday afternoon.  I got to witness the talented vocal students in every grade level in our school district.  You can tell that our students have spent countless hours preparing and practicing their pieces. The teamwork of Electric Gold is pretty special as well.  The boosters work really hard to raise money to create a special experience for our students. The director works hard to create an amazing set of songs and performances.  The students work hard together to create a unique high school experience. There are a lot of moving parts to the EG program, and it takes all of them working together to create a exceptional program.    

The concert ended with another special partnership.  The NWOSU Singers joined with the Electric Gold singers to end the concert with a powerful performance of “As The Rain Hides The Stars.”  Prior to the performance Mrs. Beleele, Alva High School Vocal Teacher, made the following comment, “We are so lucky to have such a wonderful college in our backyard.”  I couldn’t agree more. Partnering with the CareerTech and NWOSU is a powerful asset to our school and students. We can offer concurrent enrollment courses that allow them the opportunity to get a head start on their college degrees, saving them thousands of dollars in tuition.  We can send our students to the CareerTech to get high school graduation credits and career certifications that lead to graduation, purpose, and employment. As a father, I look forward to the time when my sons will have access to those opportunities. As a principal, I wished that my students at previous schools would have had access to such CareerTech programs.  Alva Public Schools, NW CareerTech, and NWOSU form a unique TEAM working in our community for the betterment of all of our students. We are indeed lucky, and I look forward to all that the CareerTech and NWOSU have to offer our students in the future.


Shane Feely - Principal

Washington Early Childhood Center

Curriculum Coordinator


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