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Phase IV "Achieve"

Over the past year, Alva Public Schools has been working towards the completion of a strategic plan for our district.  The Continuous Strategic Plan is a four step process, with the final step “Achieve” completed this past week.  On Monday, June 24 the final phase “Achieve” was completed through the hard work of our teachers, administrators and staff.  The strategic plan has four goal areas, Curriculum & Instruction, Culture & Community, Personnel, and Resources.

During the Achieve phase, site teams met in the morning to look at the four goal areas to determine how they would implement the district plan at their site.  The site teams discussed ways to monitor their plan to ensure the completion of action steps.  In the afternoon, chairs and co-chairs made up of community members and teachers for each goal area met to review the action steps to be completed this year.  The chairs and co- chairs in collaboration with school board representation and administrators then reviewed the accountability plan to be used to ensure the strategic plan remains at the forefront of our district decision making process.

In the coming weeks, more information will be released for access to the Continuous Strategic Improvement Plan, the Accountability Plan, and the Communication Plan with opportunities to attend presentations from the principals and teachers on the implementation of the strategic plan at their site.  On behalf of the board of education, I want to thank this community for their support through this process, and their commitment to educational excellence of our students.



Tim Argo