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Community Involvement and Satisfaction

Posted Date: 01/13/2020

Goal Area:  Culutre and Community

Objective:  Improve involvment and satisfaction

Initiative 2:  Community Involvment and satisfaction

  1. Survey school sites to determine existing committees that involve parents/community and to determine needs for other parent/community committees.

  • Committees will continue to be added throughout the implementation of the strategic plan.  Linked below are the existing committees at each site and for the district.

  • All sites completed this action step I have linked the lists provided on the website.

District Committees

Washington Early Childhood Center

Longfellow Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Alva Middle School

Alva High School

Winter/Spring Action Steps to be completed

  1. If other committees are needed, determine goals, objectives, and participants.
  2. Involve parents and community in existing and developing committees.