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Capital Improvement Plan (1)

Posted Date: 01/28/2020

Goal Area:  Resources

Objective 1:  Improve facilities

Initiative 1:  Capital Improvement Plan

  1. Establish a committee for facilities, technology, and transportation with the purpose of providing equitable facilities, technology, and transportation.

Facilities Committee:  Brad Franz, Tim Maharry, Melissa Harzman, Derrick Graves, Cindy Goss, Chris Stewart, Jerry Egner, Leeta Grimsley, Tiffany Slater

  • The facilities committee has met multiple times since the Spring of 2019.  The committee is prioritized initial improvement projects listed below:

Phase I Projects:  HVAC in New Gym,  Art Building Renovations,  Extend Alva High School North Parking 4 ft,  New Sidewalk beside North Parking lot,   Re-Stripe North Parking Lot, Widen Alley road (Snake) to allow 2-way Traffic,  Track and Field/Football Area (Concession/ Restroom/ Storage, Track Expansion/Resurface/Drainage/Erosion Control,  New Lights,  Tiered Parking Entry Apron Renovation,  New ADA Bleachers,  Northeast ADA Ramp).  Projected Costs =  $2,063,037.00

Phase II Projects:  Track and Field/Football Area ( Southwest ADA Ramp,  Perimeter Fencing),  New Alva High School Southeast Parking Lot,  Re-stripe south parking lot,  Additional Parking on Alley Road, Ag Farm Improvements to building and road, Softball Field ( ADA Center Bleachers w/ Press Box,  New Center Concrete Paving,  Sun Shades to cover center bleacher w/ poles,  Relocate/Repurpose Existing Press Box for Concessions,  New Side Bleacher Concrete Paving,  ADA Side Bleachers,  Sun Shades to cover side bleachers w/ poles).  Projected Costs =  $657,861.00

Phase III Possible Projects:  AMS Parking & Drop off (new vestibule), Renovation to AHS Auditorium Foyer, Entrances to Alva High School, Projects based on Building Assessments Tool for each site in the district, Renovation of Crenshaw Field Restrooms/Concessions. 


  • At this time proposed projects will be financed through the schools Building Fund with an anticipated start date of Spring 2020.


Technology Committee:  Kaitlyn Bouziden, Chris Eckhardt, Phillip Anton, Dani Cushenberry, Paul Hamilton, Shaylyn Weder, Cecily Franz, Matt Stratton, Craig Ricke, Keli Woods

The technology committee will meet to review the following:

  • The current District Technology Plan and the makeup of the committee members

  • Consideration for external funding and grant applications

  • Complete a district wide assessment of technology equipment

  • Review existing software programs for duplication and efficiency

Transportation Committee:  Steve Ellis, Richard Burton, Derrick Thomas, Randy McMurphy, James Lott, Biron Shirley, Brian Parker, Jeff Levetzow

The transportation committee will meet to review the following:

  • Student Safety
  • Development of a replacement plan for vehicles
  1.  Use the Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA) Building Assessment Tool (BAT) to evaluate all current Alva Public School facilities to determine capital improvement needs.
  • Each site has completed the Building Assessment Tool and formed committees for the review of the information.  As of January, the district is waiting for further instructions from the creator of the BAT to review building information.  Listed below are the members of each sites Building Assessment Tool Committees.

High School

Middle School 




Les Potter

Stephanie Marteney

Madison Williams

Alysson Tucker

Shane Feely

Halah Simon

Patricia Gluth

Richard Anderson

Ruth Zweifelhofer

Jeff Easter

Clint Harzman

Kandee Almgren

Kiley Feely

Ted Shafer

Krista Starbuck

Terry Smithey

Carol Parsons

Julie Wren

Sherrie Benson

Cindy Goss


Winter - December 21 - March 19

  • None at this time

Spring - March 20 - June 21

3.  Continue to evaluate all school facilities for safety and security that might include the following:
  • Entrances and exits
    • Fire panel
    • Surveillance
    • Safety drills and procedures
  • Explanation

    • The district is reviewing identification software for entrance into school buildings for the 2020-2021 school year.  The district will also have the the Oklahoma School Security Institute review and assess buildings.

  1. Monitor, evaluate, and adjust facilities plan.