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Professional Learning Communities

Posted Date: 01/22/2020

Goal Area:  Personnel

Objective 2:  Develop quality staff in all areas

Initiative 1:  Professional learning communities (PLCs)


  1. Research scheduling options for providing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) time during the school day at all sites.
  • Mr. Potter, Mr. Feely, and Mrs. Williams interviewed administrators from other school districts to find out how they schedule PLC’s with their teachers.  This research was shared with all district administrators through google drive.

  1. Schedule dedicated PLC times and grade levels/departments with agendas and guiding questions for each meeting.

  • Lincoln Elementary teachers meet on Tuesday from 3:05-3:45

  • Longfellow Elementary teachers meet on Monday’s from 2:45-3:30

  • Washington Early Childhood Teachers meet at varying times listed below:

    • Prekindergarten and first grade teachers meet at 3:15PM on Wednesdays 

    • Kindergarten teachers meet at 3:15PM on Tuesdays 

  • Mrs. Williams, Mr. Feely, and Mrs. Tucker created a month long PLC agenda targeting standards, verbage of teaching strategies and assessments, an article review, and review of MAP data.  This agenda was accompanied by the norms and protocols that the staff agreed to during training the elementary schools received at the beginning of the school year. To review the agenda used by there teachers click the link below:

  • Elementary PLC Template

There are no Winter/Spring action steps.