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Targeted Interventions

Posted Date: 10/29/2019

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Goal Area:  Curriculum and Instruction

Objective 1:  Master Core Content

Initiative 2:  Targeted Interventions

Action Step 1:  Provide interventions at all grade levels that devote approximately 10 minutes in each session to building fluent retrieval of basic arithmetic.


Washington – Math fact fluency practice at this point has not been fully achieved.  Students are not developmentally ready for math fact practice. They are still grouping and using number lines.  Once students are ready developmentally, they will be use a math software program, Imagine Math to practice basic math facts.

WECC Math FactsWECC Math Facts 2

Longfellow – Teachers are continuing to use Reflex Math, computer software program, a minimum of 10 minutes a day in each classroom. 

Lincoln –  This has been added to teacher schedules every day.  Xtra Math as weekly assessement tool and differentiated math fact fluency activities.

Lincoln Teacher Math FactsLincoln Math Facts 2

Alva Middle School – For the first 10 minutes of class the students log in to Imagine Math, computer software program, and work on math facts.

AMS Student Math FactsAMS Student Math Facts 2


Alva High School – Teachers are using the first 10 minutes of class each day to review math facts.