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Recruitment Plan

Posted Date: 01/21/2020

Goal Area:  Personnel

Objective 1:  Recruit and retain quality staff

Initiative 1 Recruitment Plan

  1. Contact education colleges throughout Oklahoma to seek more student teachers and post available positions on their job posting websites.
  • Administrators made a list of colleges and websites on which district job openings should be posted.  Accounts at all regional universities, state universities, and three Kansas universities with one common credential were set up for administrators to post job openings.

Pens and NotepadsChamber Book

  1. Develop a recruitment packet to connect potential employees and their spouses to local resources (e.g. jobs, housing, churches, and other community resources).
  • Mrs. Marteney has gone to the chamber of commerce and found that they already have a packet put together.  This packet will be given to prospective teacher candidates at career fairs with a letter from the superintendent.  Alva Public Schools pens and notepads are also handed out at career fairs to potential employees.
  • Superintendent Letter
  1. Attend career fairs at Oklahoma universities.
  1. Monitor, evaluate, and adjust the “grow your own” program as needed.